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Ryu Seung-bum returns with a new movie 'Return of the Corpse'
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Ryu Seung-bum's 'astronaut fashion' is becoming a hot issue.

In a photo taken from a recent release movie, 'Return of the Corpse', which starrs Lee Bum-soo, Ryu Seung-bum, and Kim Ok-bin, Ryu Seung-bum drew attention by a funny yellow 'astronaut fashion'.

Ryu Seung-bum succeeded appealing his impostor character in the movie by showing his bizarre fashion sense. In the movie, Ryu will show an even more upgraded level of talent as a very comic character.

One of the staffs said, "We picked the custom made attire to accentuate unpredictable and unique character of Ryu Seung-bum in the movie.

One of the scenes from the movie shows Ryu Seung-bum in the suit jumping off a bridge into Han river, and crowds will burst out their laughter by the comic character.

The movie will be released on the 29th.

Ryu Seung-bum returns with a new movie 'Return of the Corpse'

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